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Buraqsys STUDIO is a U.K based company. We have been providing e-business and other IT solutions to several clients. With a team of highly qualified professionals, Buraqsys STUDIO provides IT consultancy services. Our clients are constantly trying to improve their businesses. They are small, medium, and large in size. They know their business best. They face complex challenges. They want to migrate to the most rational e-business solutions given their constructs. They want continuity of operations. Our firm delivers services that enable our customers to improve their planning, development, designing, and operations. We at Buraqsys are their partners working side-by-side at strategic, tactical, and operational levels providing innovative, honest, objective, and pragmatic advice. Our solutions combine the discipline of a process with the power of innovation. We have the dedication and creative know-how to meet your challenges head-on and exceed your expectation. Our main focus is you, our client. Each endeavor is approached as a partnership enabling us to preserve your goals while leveraging our experience to determine the most efficient project strategy.

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Mission Statement

At BuraqSys, we focus on empowering your business by introducing a business-driven approach to Design, Development, Online Marketing and e-Sales. It is our commitment to provide real time, cutting edge services and build long-term business relations by delighting all those who are touched by our services.